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Recipe: Organic California Transplant The-Real-Deal Salsa

When our favorite organic salsa was bought by another company, who then ruined a great salsa, we tried hard to find another.  No dice.  So many companies use lemon juice (not a bad substitute for lime) or worse, vinegar, and … Continue reading

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Recipe: Salmon with Garlic Greens, the Beginning of Summer

Garlic greens are so wonderful, and they are only at the Farmer’s Markets for a short time in late spring, early summer.  We buy handfuls and roast or grill them with a little olive oil, and serve them alongside other … Continue reading

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Recipe: Coho Salmon with Corn + Black Bean + Onions + Sugar Chilies

Living in Oregon with the Alaska-Oregon fishing connection means that in early summer we can buy whole salmon at amazing prices, and the butcher will cut.  This year the coho was so wonderful I went back and got a second, … Continue reading

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Recipe: Yummy Summer Organic Black Bean Corn Carrot Mix

I make two versions of this: one in summer-fall, when everything is fresh, and another in the dead of winter, when you have to make do with salsa and canned and frozen.  In all cases, you can substitute fresh for … Continue reading

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Recipe: Spring Garlic Green Hot Blackened Pepper Chicken Pot-Au-Feau

I’ve not been writing on this blog for months, because I have been swamped with work and also the A-to-Z Challenge on my other blogs!  Glad to be done! Mitchell is glad I am done, because I was rushing through … Continue reading

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Recipe: September Chunky Fresh Minestrone Black Beans

This is quite different from the August chicken soup; it has a much more thick tomato-y base, and so, is a minestrone.  If you are a noodle nut add them; I am not eating wheat these days with the exception … Continue reading

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Recipe: August Heritage Hen Tomato Garlic Pepper Squash Bean Stew

The first batch of hens we bought from the first farm had a slightly fishy taste to it, and everyone tasted it.  This was not what I wanted in a roast chicken, and so the last one went into the … Continue reading

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