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Hub IPA-Bacon-Sugar Chili Risotto

Yummiest I’ve made to date! Fry 6-8 pieces of organic humanely raised no-nitrate bacon until CRISP, reserving some of the fat unless you just can’t bring yourself to do this….  break into little pieces and do not eat it all.  … Continue reading

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Lungberg’s will spur me onto a new way of cooking rice….

We’ve had a situation in the studio that made us have to be here 24/7, working. I tried Lundberg’s organic versions of what my mom used to call minute-rice, though she didn’t use it — she, too, made her own.  We’ve … Continue reading

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My First Adventures with Risotto: Stout Sugar Chili Risotto

We’ve fallen in love with risotto cakes from New Seasons, seasoned with hot pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese.  They are so satisfying! If we want them every day I need to make sure I can make them because otherwise it … Continue reading

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Recipe: Black Bean and Corn Side Dish

One of the yummiest dishes to have around during this dieting time is this basic recipe, which can change from winter to summer, and can combine in so many different ways to make a satisfying meal. WINTER VERSION Organic ingredients … Continue reading

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Diet Week 2a: Getting Comfortable

Saturday: Oddly, I don’t feel deprived. I don’t feel stressed or obsessing over what I can and can’t eat. Possibly it is because I have worked with eating what I wanted, when I was hungry, and even now, I look … Continue reading

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Recipe: Hot Blackened Pepper Pesto

I used to make my pepper pestos from scratch, starting with fresh hot peppers of varying kinds, blackening them, and then making pesto.  Now we have an amazing small business at the PSU Farmer’s Market, where the owners roast various … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mitchell’s Spicy Beef Pepper Bean Stew

Mitchell’s wanted me to create a hot, spicy, beanie stew!  I was at maximum creativity today, painting on vacation, totally into old sweats covered in paint and enjoying good tunes and great smells.  Mitchell caught a rare pic of me cooking, … Continue reading

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