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Subzero Chili with Beans

Ice and snow and we lived on this in the studio…. Recipe, rough, approximate, because I rarely use a recipe… 2 big onions, chopped 1 lb ground round 1 oz chili powder tsp salt tsp black pepper tbsp cumin Mind, … Continue reading

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Leftovers: Chicken Curry with Yam

I will eat turkey or chicken the next day, but even by the next night I am not fond of the “day-old” smell and taste of leftovers.  Curry is a wonderful way to liven and refresh leftover chicken, and so … Continue reading

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Chicken Drippings

I’m not taking responsibility for anyone with heart disease.  Follow your doctor’s orders. Also, know that I have tried vegetarian eating for over two years twice, and my body doesn’t run well on it.  We made a commitment to eating … Continue reading

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Recipe: Hot Blackened Pepper Pesto

I used to make my pepper pestos from scratch, starting with fresh hot peppers of varying kinds, blackening them, and then making pesto.  Now we have an amazing small business at the PSU Farmer’s Market, where the owners roast various … Continue reading

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Recipe: Spring Garlic Green Hot Blackened Pepper Chicken Pot-Au-Feau

I’ve not been writing on this blog for months, because I have been swamped with work and also the A-to-Z Challenge on my other blogs!  Glad to be done! Mitchell is glad I am done, because I was rushing through … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mitchell’s Spicy Beef Pepper Bean Stew

Mitchell’s wanted me to create a hot, spicy, beanie stew!  I was at maximum creativity today, painting on vacation, totally into old sweats covered in paint and enjoying good tunes and great smells.  Mitchell caught a rare pic of me cooking, … Continue reading

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New Online Magazine: Clouds

I was gifted with a new online magazine from Donna F, Clouds.  The recipes are wonderful (I had to get past the first article featuring herring, a holiday gift — I don’t need so many herring recipes) and I have … Continue reading

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