Poisonous Pet Food

I am posting two items you must read:  Cornucopia (extremely trusted source) and then their whole report.  IF you love your animals and do not want to cry your heart out prematurely, take them time to read their Report.

We lost two cats and a dog to drugs/plastic in Science Diet and Iams and Blue Buffalo. One died of a drug that kills animals, a pain killer that takes them down. Two died of melamine poisoning.  Both were put there by the Chinese because the drugs and plastic in question mimicked protein, and was cheaper.  I doubt that the brands knew it — but only Blue Buffalo gave a rats ass. $3500 later and all the pain and suffering and upset — so now organic is the way we go.

from cornacopia


You still you have to read labels, as we lost one loved one to carrageenan in Newman’s ORGANIC Pet Food, which contains carrageenan.  But there is a more insidious story.  Our male cat had to be put on wet food (lost a couple teeth) and we chose Newman’s Own Organic food, which WE READ THE LABEL contained no carrageenan. As he got sicker and sicker with stomach problems, IBS, we began looking for a new pet food, and reading labels again, and sure enough, they added it (we had an old wrapper at the time so could compare.). We called N.O. to complain and THEIR STAFF VET made a huge blunder and said it had been in the food for FIVE years, but they had not wanted to print new labels. Newman’s didn’t give a crap.  Needless to say, we will NEVER buy any Newman’s Own anything. Lying sacks of shit. ( Fool me once…)

Also, remember:

Check to see who still is making your favorite organic pet food once a year.
Castor and Pollux Organix was bought by Nestle, a company I cannot trust
because of their history for cutting corners or outright deadly practices,
such as selling tainted formula to mother’s for their babies.
They will cut corners, so we are looking for a new brand.

“NATURAL” means nothing —
no legal terms an advertising ploy, whereas certified has teeth.

BTW, your pets shouldn’t eat potatoes unless they are pigs —
honest to God pigs.
Stay away from gluten-free because it uses potato filler, a nightshade.

Putting a face to the story, below.
Our losses are not abstract,
and could be yours.

Each was a premature and painful death.

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised.  It matters!

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Images courtesy Dkatiepowellart. (Me too!)

Cornucopia image is from their report.
I am assuming they are fine with me spreading the word.


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