Diet Week 4: Stabilizing

2015 4 DIET WEEKThis has been a hectic week, and I am going to change the nature of my posts.
I had little time and again had client meetings out at least twice.
I did a pretty good job of maintaining the diet, and realize part of this is thanks to
Weight Watchers 30 years ago, teaching me how to seamlessly “diet”
while not discussing it with clients which is important.

I cut my Mexican restaurant portion in half when it was delivered, and everything came on the side so I could pick and choose.  I had them hold things like cream cheese (which I could care less about anyway, frankly, and doesn’t resemble most of the authentic Mexican food I grew up eating.)  I pulled a few chips for myself and enjoyed those with guacamole.  I ate a lighter day and snacked on carrots and celery looking toward the dinner.

I also had strong cravings this week.  Barbeque sauce.  Sweet potato fries.  Instead of denying myself these things I found ways to work them into my dinner by counting the calories.  (And I realized that my favorite two sauces are doable, see below.)
Oddly, the two days I gave in to cravings but was thoughtful I came in eating less calories — 1400 and 1500 respectively — and I think it was because I was satisfied.
It gives me hope for the long haul of this diet.

I tend to enjoy broiled chicken plain the first night (and will post my favorite roasted chicken recipes, yum.)  However, for lunch sometimes I am bored with the leftovers.  Two favorite Sauces that pack a punch of flavor when I am getting bored:braggs

A WIN!  A year ago I went in search of a way to finally get into shape with a very
painful body that had not moved much exercise-wise for 5-6 years due to arthritis, which I dealt with by modifying my diet.  After a long search, through a client I was turned onto a new movement in the yoga field, which is yoga physical therapy.  Mitchell and I had Patti Stone come to our studio once every two weeks to teach me how to modify yoga movements and to prescribe yoga movements which would begin to heal my body.   I often thought the small movements were a bit of a waste of time.  I did them, though, and gradually they have moved me into a new body (though I have a long way to go.)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week the weather was
beautiful, the beginning of Spring!  On an incredibly
frustrating day (what a week) Mitchell and I went for a walk.
We had not walked this
route for a few months, and before I was in pain walking downhill.  I can say now that I was not in ANY pain walking downhill and was able to keep up with my long-legged husband.

And a confession.  I had one hellacious day fighting city hall (okay, firemen) and was on the phone for three hours.  I HATE being on the phone and had to endure two totally illogical bureaucrats.  Mitchell was on his way home and called and
I requested Ice Cream.  Oatmeal Cookies.  Whatever.
He did not, but brought me flowers instead. Sweet early spring daffy-dils!

W15 2 19 RECIPE CORN BEANS 2Which brings us to the other
MUST DO for this diet.  Having support around me that does
not try to take me out,
AND taking the time to have the things I enjoy in the fridge.

Today I posted one of my most
loved go-to-in-a-pinch, keeps for quite a while, yummo dishes.

I can make it one night as a
topper for a baked fish dish
and if I double it have it for several possible meals over a few days.  Mitchell loves it, and
we can endlessly change it up!

My question this week is about taking the time for my personal life.
I’ve been in crisis mode for a long time.  In our business we’ve had to charge less
due to the recession, and this has caused us to work longer hours.
Jobs have been harder to get and so I have reached further to find jobs to bid on.

ADSC03928s things ease just a slight bit,
both Mitchell and I are looking at
what we have sacrificed and wanting to create a more satisfying life for ourselves with a lot of balance.  As I breath into a bit less stress, I also realize that I ate unconsciously a good deal of the time
while at my computer, working long unsatisfying hours (though I basically
enjoy our business.)  I chose foods
(not even my favorite foods, often)
to try to sweeten my life during this
long sustained struggle, reaching f
or childhood cravings of oatmeal cookies, pie, salty nuts, ice cream dipped in
chocolate and covered with nuts.
Oh, and crunchy salty snacks, my favorites.

(This is an ongoing series; the overview can be found here or search for “Diet Week”.)

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised.  It matters!

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