Diet Week 3: a Week to Test My Resolve

2015 3 DIET WEEK 1A tough week to record dieting.
I also was unable to paint much in general.  Deadlines, and then I came down with a 24-hour bug.
I stayed on my diet well considering.

We had client dinners out.
Chinese food each time.
Then the night that the chicken I defrosted was rotten.
Chinese take-out again.  I can’t gauge Chinese food well.  I watched my portions, avoided fried foods, and popped about 600 calories into the day.
Yet even with all that, I stayed in the 1900-2000 caloric range at highest!

2015 3 DIET WEEK 2How do you stay centered when things conspire against you?  Roll with it, make the best choices and try not to stress it!

Also, the nights I sleep all the way through the night are much easier on my caloric intake.  I had two nights where I was awake for 3 hours and I was starving at 3am.
I had an orange and a rice cake —
again, making a better choice.

I still feel so much better with the
shift to a healthier diet.

Next week I will offer some really tasty
and easy tried and true recipes that are helping me to eat well and lose weight.

I only had one day where I let it go — totally.  We planned Friday the 13th to go play.  Mitchell and I took off and headed for McMinnville.  Our chosen restaurant was closed and we came across a wonderful restaurant, Nick’s Italian Cafe.
I ordered a pear/Gorgonzola/caramelized onion thin crust pizza and a Caesar’s salad.
Mitchell craved a cheeseburger.  I am not a big fan and think they never
are very good out.   They were willing to cook it rare, however, a good sign.
They assured us the beef was ground in-house, and the meat perfectly prepared.
We decided to split everything, to taste.


I said that about the very good salad and pizza with wood-fired crust.
Then I said it like a mantra over the cheeseburger, again and again, every bite!


The reason you eat beef is the flavor should be as good as anything you top it with.
No salt + pepper on the table which I often find pretentious but not here, nope, no need.  Thin sliced onions, tomato, lettuce and goop all added up to perfection.

I sketched while they twisted our arms to try chocolate pudding and a latte.
The chocolate pudding was just like my mother’s — and she is a great cook!

W15 2 13 USK Nick's McMinnville 003In the end, though, I didn’t pile calories onto that too when I came home.  This is the yoyo-dieter’s problem — when they finally fall off the wagon like an alcoholic they have to eat everything they can’t have.  I kept a cool head about being able to have anything I wanted (just have to work it into my day) and then chose to eat healthier again.  I came back to center by dinner, with us each enjoying a piece of the pizza (the end of the medium from the restaurant) with a spicy chicken sausage and fruit for a television snack later.

I think this is where Geneen Roth’s work on what we do when we step into
diet mentality has made a huge difference in what I hope will be my final diet.  When I “go off” or am in a situation where I can’t really know what is low calorie, I simply do the best I can, and enjoy the hell out of it, and come back to center the next meal.

Also, I was able to see how much wheat, sugar and dairy make me swell.  I am not talking Dave’s Bread, which is not so bad for my body.  But we had pizza, the bun around the burger, and the dessert — and I was swollen for three days.  As I write this I am just coming out of it.  This is where a cleansing diet really helps you to see what is making your body not function well.  A bit of constipation, swelling, and knees hurt the first day.

This week I also looked at to what my passion and dedication being drawn,
and am I acting on it — except when deadlines really arrive?

Painting and writing, writing and painting.  Hanging with Mitchell.  Wandering.
This week I pushed forward with learning a watercolor technique early in the week.
It is hard when I can’t do that, when my day is all about estimates and clients.
On the other hand, I use my talents in our business daily and that ain’t bad.

(This is an ongoing series; the overview can be found here or search for “Diet Week”.)

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised.  It matters!

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