Diet Week 2a: Getting Comfortable

2015 2 WEEK DIET 1Saturday: Oddly, I don’t feel deprived.
I don’t feel stressed or obsessing
over what I can and can’t eat.
Possibly it is because I have
worked with eating what I wanted,
when I was hungry, and even now,
I look at this as a year-long commitment, not a fast drop in weight.
It is about being healthy and
staying on the planet with Mitchell.

I calculate my recipes,
so you can do them too —
and when I actually write  recipe
now I can give you the calories, if you care.

Apples are a gift from the gods.

2015 2 WEEK DIET 3Sunday: I made popsicles from our morning smoothie, berry flavor.
I have not tried it yet but how cool is that?  It is so important to think about my
food early in the morning.
I don’t mean stress it, just think about it like I might think about what  appointments I have, or how I will get across town at rush hour.
What will I be eating?
Do I have good food choices on hand?
I seem to mess up most when
I don’t have good choices at hand.
Making extra dinner makes day two lunches easier and yummy.
Mitchell doing this with me (though he eats a bit more obviously) also helps.

2015 2 WEEK DIET 6Monday:  Tried a new way of
making a lower-fat fish Monday and we liked it enough to do a repeat tonight.
Thank the gods for hot pepper pesto.

Following up from yesterday,
I keep comparing these two weeks of dieting from experiences dieting before I worked a program to deal with my food issues.  Control and moving toward a goal are different.  Control is a set of self-imposed rules that do not take into account what life might throw at me.
There is a strong negative voice too.
A goal allows me to make choices daily.
It feels more spacious.  Maybe I’m
simply older with a bit more wisdom.

I remember when my former husband had his heart attack.  His doc spoke about a new eating lifestyle, and planning for the occasional lobster dinner or double cheeseburger.
I am 100% behind staying alive for Mitchell, and I believe that losing weight is part of that plan.  I’m happy to do it, and I already feel better, which gives me more incentive.

2015 2 WEEK DIET 7Tuesday:  I broke my diet plan today and it made no difference because I am not into withdrawal and so did not feel like a failure and so did not binge the rest of the day.  Thank you Geneen Roth; your work really did change me.

I also have been noticing that I cannot live without some goat cheese.
Nothing satisfies like cheese.
Being satisfied is very important.

Twice this week friends asked me if
I’d lost weight without me telling them
I was on a diet.  Pretty cool.
I feel better but do not have a scale so won’t know until I hit the doctor’s office.

I’ve decided to post twice a week, because otherwise the posts may be too long.
I don’t know if I can always do it — I work for a living!  Wednesday & Sunday.
I will also post recipes as I get them worked out.

I’ve also been paying attention to another part of life that is akin to gratitude.
Paying attention is important.  I’ve been asking myself these questions daily:
What surprised me?
What moved or touched me?
What inspired me?

I leave you with a great song for any sized woman who has a little rumba in her bum;
IF it doesn’t open you MUST go listen to this one!

(This is an ongoing series; the overview can be found here or search for “Diet Week”.)

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised.  It matters!

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