Diet Week 1: New Year, Tackling My Own Health

2015 1 WEEK DIET 1

I have not been on a diet to lose weight since I was 29.  I was two years sober,
and finally decided to tackle the obsessive yo-yo dieting I had engaged in for 20 years:
The watermelon diet, the pineapple diet, Atkin’s diet, one-meal-a-day diet . . .
Up and down and round and round, two weeks on and then binging after.
I worked Geneen Roth’s program in person, and never looked back.
(See reference books below although she has written many books since then,
and BTW she was spiritual not into a formal G-O-D).  It was frightening but it worked,
and I was able to eat what I wanted and eat whenever I wanted and that was a true liberation.I settled in at between 130-140 lbs, and was happy happy happy to eat what I wanted and not be on the hamster wheel, pushing for the impossible 120 lbs.
Never-mind I looked a bit gaunt at 120 lbs — I was a size 6-8, which mattered!?!

web at 56Fast forward to aging and a slow steady creep
from my mid-40’s, working impossibly long hours
due to the recession, finally culminating in
stepping into arthritis which immobilized me
and really pushed my weight up.  Not moving changes everything when you are older.   I love my husband,
and have a commitment to sticking around,
so when they changed my health setting to
OBESE this last time, I FREAKED!
I knew it was time for a sensible weight loss diet
and to move beyond the yoga which had limbered me and made me stronger and SAVED ME to more aerobic activity.  I n short, I needed to commit to my body.
(My body, right, at about 25 lbs less than
I was when I started this diet.)

Three years before I discovered Geneen I participated in my last “diet” which was
Weight Watchers.  Not too bad, I was able to stay on it far longer, transitioning into the maintenance diet.   However, in order to lose weight in my late 20’s I had to cut back even more in calories, to about 1800 calories, 300-400 less than they recommended for someone who was active.  It would be years before I understood my slow metabolism, which made losing a bitch, but also made gaining a slow process (when the yo-yo is not part of the equation, which I may talk about later.)  Now, I’m pushing 60, and not active, so I knew I had to but down even more.  The tables recommended 1600 calories, and so I decided to shoot for days of 1500, and see what happened.  How hard would this be?

2015 1 WEEK DIET 2It turns out not nearly as
hard as it was at 28.
I simply eat better, so my favorite foods are okay to eat, with few exceptions.  I used to eat lots of hard cheese, salami and fatty meats, potato chips (I still miss but allergic), bagels loaded with lox and cream cheese and all the fixings, bacon and eggs, big sandwiches, , alcohol (brandy, Mexican coffee, wine) and Mexican food from
Juicy Lucy’s on Pico Boulevard.  Now, I make my own Mexican food;
Southern Oregon forced me to learn to cook it, as it is not one of their culinary hits.) It is leaner, loaded with flavor from chilies and onions and garlic which are not high in calories as cheese and pork lard!  I don’t do much hard cheese, and almost never do lunch meats unless organic and that is very expensive, so it is a treat.  Due to arthritis and dietary changes to keep me off medications, some things have been cut or reduced to avoid the inflammation.  I will miss certain deserts as treats, but the payoff is LIFE.

I am a big believer in putting everything in context:

2015 1 WEEK DIET 3I am going to post as I work the weight off over the next year.  I have about 50 pounds to lose.  This is the end of the intro, you are caught up, and now I will post good tips and recipes that work.  I am shooting for 1500 calories a day, but am finding that it varies from 1450-1700 with my one high day at 1900 (insomnia and starving at 3am).  I am happy with that because I was eating 2500-3500!  Anyone who wants to follow along and commit with me is welcome.  I am in for the LONG HAUL, and will be happy losing 3-5 pounds a month.  I am not weighing myself (too obsessive) except once in a while at the doctor’s office.

And as I paint everything, I am painting my food journal.  I posted an entry on top, and then had catastrophes because of the journal I chose so switched to a new journal.  I will post them but may from time to time, blur something terribly personal.

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised.  It matters!

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The Geneen Roth books I used:
Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating:Feeding the Hungry Heart.

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