I Love Avocado Pesto!

I love pestos — I play with ingredients all the time! I made this one last night — and fooled with it as I always do — but Brian’s recipe is so good, here it is intact! Ours went on salmon, happily. Make sure you scroll through his other recipes, as I have, as he is a great recipe-maker! Happy solstice!

Love, Food & Beer

Do you know what I love about avocados? Everything, especially when they’re main ingredient in this recipe.

My new obsession - avocado pesto My new obsession: Avocado pesto

The only thing better than eating an avocado myself is watching my one year old niece devour one. It’s impossible not to laugh as she holds gobs of green pulp quizzically up to her face, before squishing it unceremoniously into – and onto – her pinchable cheeks.

Not an avocado, but this exploded-cupcake should give you the basic idea. Not an avocado, but this exploded-cupcake should give you the basic idea.

My cheeks are not nearly as pinchable, but this recipe makes me want to take a page from her book of eating habits, I would be perfectly happy shoveling this pesto into my face by the handful. In fact, the first time I whipped up this pesto recipe, it was a major feat of self-restraint to not hoover the contents of the food processor basin. Not kidding, I would have…

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