Chicken Drippings

I’m not taking responsibility for anyone with heart disease. 
Follow your doctor’s orders.

Also, know that I have tried vegetarian eating for over two years twice,
and my body doesn’t run well on it.  We made a commitment to eating way less meat,
and so can afford to pick and chose healthier meat.  Just sayin’.

I am committed to using every bit of our birds now that we only use organic or non-GMO fed birds, and whenever possible, buy the most humane choices or none at all.  Locally in summer we can easily do this in Portland, but you can buy a more humanely raised chicken by going to Whole Foods and checking out their rating system.

One way I use every bit of the bird is that we use chicken drippings in many of our bean dishes, or stews and soups.  Olive oil is a healthier fat, but a cup or two of drippings in a pot of beans or bean casserole and the flavor of the chicken come through the beans, making it more satisfying to me for a full meal.  I also use them to boost the flavor in a chicken or pork stew.

chicken cube 1

To show you the differences in fat levels in grown birds, I used a Draper Valley organic chicken on the right, and a Kookoolan organic chicken (small farm) in the middle. Notice how little fat was in the Kookoolan drippings? Almost NONE. Unlike Draper, Kookoolan’s local birds have a full run and so are a bit leaner, and way healthier! 

How?  I pop them into an ice cube container (used only for this) and then I can put them into a plastic bag, below.  The drippings are condensed broth and gelatin and some fat, which makes for a heavenly soup.  Drippings also tell a story about healthy chickens.  Notice above, the broth cubes on the right with a large layer of fat on them?  Draper Valley organic chicken drippings, and they are high in fat because they don’t get to run around outside and eat grazing on bugs and seeds and greens (don’t let chicken loose when the seedlings are coming up!)  In the middle the drippings are from Kookoolan Farms chickens, who lead a lovely life and it shows in their healthy levels of fat — which translates into healthier levels for you!

I have never done this with the drippings from any chicken that was not a healthy organic chicken that had full run of the farm.  Why?  Toxins are stored in the liver and the fat.  The chickens we use are lean and have healthier fat than the chickens fed GMO, hormones, and god-knows-what-else.  (We only will eat liver occasionally from the same organic free range chickens.)   Once the drippings are in cubes, I can use the fat or lose it — and BTW, you can also get one of those great fat separators and do this for your organic or non-GMO chickens, separating out the fat and only putting the rich gelatin into the cubes.

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised.  It matters!


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