I Say Goodbye to a Beloved Kitchen Tool

W14 6 7 Heathers Basting Brush copyMy niece Heather gave me this funny wire basting brush when I was 19 (she was 11) and moving into my first apartment.  I didn’t think much of it at the time; I wasn’t that good a cook yet and so it wasn’t obvious to me the benefits of the brush.  It is not an expensive brush, but oh, what a great brush it was.  It was never beautiful, so never was allowed on my architecturally informed counter.  It was my little secret, and I ALWAYS rummaged about to find it for every marinade and very barbecue.

The beige (hate beige) plastic (not fond of plastic) bell that covers the brush can be pushed back for cleaning, and so this ingenious brush can be completely cleaned of all the residue from the barbecue.  (Otherwise these brushes get pretty disgusting.)  the bristles were exactly as stiff as they needed to be to get the marinades all over the chicken or ribs or fish, but not too stiff.  Perfect.

It lasted me until last year when finally the bristles started breaking.  There must be some bristle rule, because after a few broke, all of a sudden there seemed to be a bristle exodus, and I was left with a wimpy brush that could barely hold the bell in place.  I lamented my brush, and Mitchell understood because he understands a good tool.

I tried to find another one.  No luck.  Finally I had to replace it and did it with the best brush I could find, one of those newfangled rubbery numbers.  It is a very cool color, and it looks good in the kitchen, but the rubber bristles are not quite as good as my old brush.

If anyone ever sees one of these old brushed in new condition, please tell me!


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  1. Reblogged this on D.Katie Powell Art and commented:

    Love my niece; Loved the basting brush she gave me long ago!

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