Recipe: Hot Blackened Pepper Pesto

DSC04331I used to make my pepper pestos from scratch, starting with fresh hot peppers of varying kinds, blackening them, and then making pesto.  Now we have an amazing small business at the PSU Farmer’s Market, where the owners roast various types of peppers for you.  Now I buy enough to make a year’s worth of pesto for us; that is about 50 pounds!  By far our favorites now are Sugar Chilies, a sweet-hot pepper that is between a 5-7 on the heat scale.  We also buy a few extra bags of various hot peppers (Poblanos, Anaheims) and freeze them in small baggies of 2-3 peppers to eat alongside a roast chicken.  Yum!

blackened pepper pesto 4

Chopping Sugar Chilies for a Chicken Pot Au Feu. Don’t do what I did — wear gloves!

When I bring them home I begin by removing the stems.  I know many remove the skins, but we like them, and the seeds, so whole chilies go into our small chopping Cuisineart.   I know what we use the pesto for, so add about a teaspoon of cumin + a teaspoon of garlic salt per batch, with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.  That means if we use it to spread on a quesadilla it is already seasoned.

Some of this pesto is put into small jam jars and frozen for our daily use or to give as gifts.  The rest of the mixture is put into a glass jar or bowl, and the freezing begins.  I have several ice cube trays that we use for freezing pestos of all types, and I monitor them over a few days as we freeze the cubes.  These are perfect for throwing into beans, soups, and other hot recipes.  I have cut my salt intake in half using hot chili pesto!

blackened pepper pesto 6

Frozen pepper pesto cubes in a gallon freezer bag.

Always organic or non-GMO, humanely raised.  It matters!


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