Cannelloni Bean with Smoked Turkey

We are looking for affordable ways to eliminate all possible GMO items from our diet.  This is another step in the continuing clean-up of our ways of eating.   While we will still go out to dinner occasionally, moving to eating little meat, and only grass fed or certified non-GMO fed meat, will eliminate the huge amounts of GMO corn feed that fills most beef and chicken; this will lessen the amount of glysophate, which is atrributed to many problems in our bodies which are on the rise, namely, stomach and intestine problems, reproductive problems, and allergies.

Our move to organic or non-GMO fed meats is problematic because we cannot afford it; on the other hand, with the looming problems and wanting to be healthy, we cannot afford not to make this move.  Our decision is to buy less meat, eat more beans and rice, and to use all possible parts in the beans in order to stretch the flavor and nutritious parts.  I have never been satisfied on a total vegan diet, and have tried twice for several years.  A little bit of meat however, in beans dishes with rice, is very satisfying.

NON-GMO3To ensure that meats are non-GMO, buy certified organic, grass-fed, or those that are certified in conformance with  the Non-GMO Project, with the label shown left.   Organic always means non-GMO.  True grass fed, as can be found in beef, means they have not been finished off with corn-feeding in lots at the end of their life.   The Non-GMO Project site can tell you the products they have certified as non-GMO; certified nationwide meats which are not necessarily organic are Diestel, Mary’s, Pure Country Pork, and Rosie’s Chickens.

ALL items are non-GMO verified or organic.


Cannelloni Beans are white Italian beans, with a mild flavor, a bit nutty, that soaks up flavors.  the danger in cooking white beans in a pot is that you can overcook them and they will fall apart.  I paired the mild beans with a Diestel smoked turkey thigh for a savory pot of beans akin to a white bean ham soup.  Read all ingredients, as there are more later in the recipe!

2 lb dried cannelloni beans
smoked turkey thigh
1 large chopped onion
4 T sugar chili pesto
1 T chopped garlic
1 t garlic salt
1 t onion powder
1 t black pepper
1 qt organic chicken stock
cold water

Begin by cleaning the beans and picking all distorted shriveled beans and rocks from the pile; rinse thoroughly.  Put into a thick stock pot and just cover with cold water; bring to a boil then pull off the stove and drain the liquid.  Put the beans back into the pot with all the ingredients above, covering the bean/turkey mixture with cold water before putting it back on the stove.


Bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer, uncovered.  It is important to watch cannelloni beans, as they can overcook easily.  I checked and stirred every 20 minutes.  When  the turkey thigh was falling apart the liquid was also where I wanted it, i covered the pot, and had it barely simmering.  I added the following items:

1 large yellow carrot, grated (adds sweetness without sugar)
1 c finely chopped celery with leaves

I continued to simmer covered, stirring the beans every 15 minutes.  When the beans were almost completely soft, add:

2 sweet carrots, quartered then sliced thin.

Bring to a boil and then, if soft, take off the heat and let set.


Serve with a crusty organic garlic bread!  People can salt and pepper to their taste.

We freeze in 2-cup Ball jars for lunches.  It is also good topping a baked yam.

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2 Responses to Cannelloni Bean with Smoked Turkey

  1. D.G.Kaye says:

    Awesome recipes, thanks for sharing about the GMO crap!

  2. zenkatwrites says:

    Made my third pot and am fine-tuning this recipe.
    Diestel makes smoked turkey drumsticks they have in the freezer section of most stores, and it is a good company that is almost everything we look for now. The drumstick is even better in the recipe than the thigh — this pot of beans is amazing. I also used roasted garlic, a whole bunch of green onions, more carrots, and more pepper pesto and black pepper. I am cutting back on salt so didn’t salt it (it gets enough in the smoked trukey) and it is SO yummy. This one is my favorite. I will publish Mitchell’s favorite soon.

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