Fracking in our Food

Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen (a blog I read every time I get an update, on of the few) had guest blogger Harriet Shugarman write about fracking and the farmer’s markets.  I found it most interesting that the food from these areas could be bought by you in your local supermarket any day, and think the title is not the best part of the article: How Fracking Affects Your Farmer’s Market.

In 2011 the EPA finally admitted that fracking MIGHT cause groundwater pollution.  This article out of USA Today speaks to that arising from Cheyenne, WY.  Other articles, and the first one is quite graphic:

Yes, I didn’t include the sites funded by the frackers themselves, nor the governmental agencies that want to allow the fracking because it is lucrative to the state.   If you would like to read those, they are also plentiful.  I am used to reading science, and know when I am being snowed.

I write about this all the time, to our congress and representatives.  You should to.  This is going to effect you even if it is not in your backyard. I want people to pay attention to this and GMO’s — these are global issues that will ruin our planet in ways we are so naive about — as in, “it’s not in my backyard.”  Water runs everywhere, and these are huge operations that require higher levels of chemicals.  In fracking the companies do not even have to make public the chemical cocktail they use in their process.  Please, read the articles and sign the petition.  Go to a march.  Bother your neighbors and friends: have them over to watch GASLAND (an award-winning movie) on Netflix!

For our Children and our Children’s Children, Kate


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One Response to Fracking in our Food

  1. suzanne says:

    It always bothered me so much when they started doing the methane mania in Clark, Wyoming…look it up….my friend’s Jim and Deborah’s place almost blew up there. and in Pavilion Wyoming where when they turn on the water spigot they can light it on fire as it comes out. In fact they are having a conference as we speak in Lander Wyoming this weekend to try and figure it out. Boggles my mind that it takes 17000 gallons of water a day per well to drill and all of the water that comes back is not potable in a place where there is very little water. Terrifying. Both Methane and fracking.

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