Recipe: August Heritage Hen Tomato Garlic Pepper Squash Bean Stew

The first batch of hens we bought from the first farm had a slightly fishy taste to it, and everyone tasted it.  This was not what I wanted in a roast chicken, and so the last one went into the stock pot.  Mind you, the heritage chicken needs to “stew” a bit longer in order to be tender.

I make heavenly stewed things.  I love them, and so love making them, and they usually turn out wonderful.  They change slightly with the season. Use Organic Everything as possible.

You need a stock put big enough that liquid will cover the hen and then some.  Bigger than a Dutch over and smaller than a lobster pot.

1 whole hen, innards removed:  Season entire bird with cumin, pepper, and a bit of garlic salt.  We like things hot spicy and so add a bit of hot pepper.   Put into stock pot.

Add 1 large sweet onion, if possible, or a yellow onion, cut into 16th’s or large chunks.  Add 2 teaspoons of chopped garlic.

Fill half the pot with veggie stock (this one was made with beet leaves, mushrooms, carrot and squash ends); top with water.  If you want a richer stew you can add a box of Pacific Free Range chick stock then top with water.

Bring to a boil then lower to medium heat and allow to simmer for several hours.  The bird is not only tender, but the bone are leaching good minerals and flavor into the stock.

Remove the whole bird carefully (it may want to fall apart at an inopportune time and cover you with hot stock.)  Let cool to the touch and debone the bird.  I use every bit of chicken, even stripping the neck.  Put it all back into the stock pot.

Add 2 cans diced tomatoes.  We used Fire Roasted Diced Tomato and hot Peppers.  Tomatoes and Garlic would be good too.  If you can’t find it add a small can of chopped hot peppers.  Add a can of Red Beans, or Black if you prefer.  Bring to a simmer for 30 minutes.

Add a handful of green onions cut into 1-inch lengths.  Let simmer for a few more minutes while you are chopping the summer squash.

Chop two medium summer squash into large bite sizes.  I use heirloom for better flavor — in this recipe I used those great squash that are half yellow and half green (what possessed nature to evolve into that color combo?), and an heirloom Italian that has the ridges.  I think any good solid squash will do, but you need about two fistfuls.  Turn the heat off the stew, put the squash in, and let it sit, for 15 minutes.  They won’t be overcooked,a and the stew will look and taste fresh.  Yummy!

We freeze some for our lunches in the studio.  Serve with crisp bread or over rice.

Shopping List
1 whole hen
cumin, pepper, garlic salt (optional: hot pepper)
Add 1 large sweet yellow onion
2 teaspoons of chopped garlic
veggie stock
Pacific Free Range Chicken Stock
2 cans Diced Fire Roasted Diced Tomato and Hot Peppers
bunch green onions
two medium summer squash

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